Drive Unstoppable Growth for Your Local Business with Battle-Tested Marketing Strategies - Guaranteed!

Empower Your Team, Whether It's a Solo Warrior or a Dynamic Squad, to Propel Your Business Forward!

Drive Unstoppable Growth for Your Local Business with Battle-Tested Marketing Strategies - Guaranteed!

Empower Your Team, Whether It's a Solo Warrior or a Dynamic Squad, to Propel Your Business Forward!

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Why Am I Digital Marketing Coach And How Did I Grow To

A 6 Figure Business Year over Year in Less Than 2 Years?

Hi There! I'm Jenn Waugh, your trusted guide to mastering local marketing strategies that will skyrocket your profits and give you back precious time in your business. Picture this: never again worrying about staff shortages or questioning the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. With my proven time-saving strategies, you'll confidently implement marketing campaigns that deliver unmatched results.

Born and raised in beautiful P.E.I., I intimately understand the challenges faced by businesses in our coastal haven. That's why I've dedicated my career to empowering local businesses like yours to take control of their marketing destiny. Together, we'll build a rock-solid marketing strategy that not only maximizes your profits but also frees up not just your time, but your staff's time too!

With over a decade of experience in the media industry, I've honed my expertise in crafting marketing strategies that generate exceptional returns. During my tenure at PostMedia, one of Canada's largest media networks, I immersed myself in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. As an Advertising Account Executive, I managed multimillion-dollar portfolios, helping businesses of all sizes achieve remarkable success.

But here's the kicker: I'm not just about flashy campaigns or empty promises. My focus is on time-saving strategies that guarantee results. Imagine effortlessly filling your sales pipelines without ever having to worry about how you can meet and exceed your customer experience with a limited team? With my proven techniques, you'll never question the effectiveness of your marketing efforts again. Say goodbye to sleepless nights wondering if you're doing it right – I'll show you the way.

With my battle-tested strategies, you'll unlock unprecedented profits and gain back precious hours in your day. No more endless trial and error – just streamlined marketing strategies and process that give you the freedom to focus on what truly matters: running and growing your business.

I know how vital time is to your success, and that's why my strategies are designed to save you hours, days, and even weeks of unnecessary work. With my guidance, you'll gain confidence in marketing your business with effective marketing campaign strategies never having to worry about missed opportunities.

Picture a future where your marketing efforts operate like a well-oiled machine, effortlessly generating profits and providing you with the freedom to enjoy the fruits of your labor. With my expertise, you'll experience unparalleled growth, greater profitability, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your marketing is driving your business forward.

So, if you're ready to reclaim your time, maximize your profits, and never question your marketing strategies again, let's work together together. Contact me today, and let's embark on this exhilarating journey toward local marketing mastery.

"People With Passion Can Change The World For The Better"

- Steve Jobs-

Your next action starts here. Let's connect and learn how I may be able to help you achieve sustainable growth regardless if you are a team of 1 or a team of many.

Relying solely on social media for marketing is like using a band-aid - it's a temporary fix that fails to address the bigger picture.

While social media can be a valuable tool for local businesses, relying solely on it neglects the broader marketing landscape.

Posting on social media alone is akin to placing a band-aid on a wound. It may temporarily cover up the issue and give the illusion of progress, but it fails to address the things that are ACTUALLY getting in the way of your business growth. To truly maximize your marketing efforts, you need a holistic approach that considers various channels, strategies, and tactics.

A start to finish marketing strategy encompasses elements such as your competition, identifying the RIGHT target audiences, crafting compelling messaging for that audience, developing cohesive branding, implementing diverse marketing channels, and measuring results (and understanding them). By focusing solely on social media, you miss out on the potential of other effective marketing avenues, such as email marketing, content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, and more.

The other problem with relying solely on social media? It can lead to a false sense of security. While it may generate some engagement and visibility, it often falls short in driving sustainable growth and reaching your full marketing potential. A buttoned down marketing strategy, on the other hand, acts as the cure, addressing the underlying issues, and providing long-term results. It ensures YOU are meeting your target audiences where they are at in the buying process - every time.

Remember, marketing is a multifaceted journey, and social media is just one part of the strategy. By embracing a holistic approach and implementing a diverse range of marketing tactics, you'll create a sustainable and profitable marketing strategy that truly propels your business forward.

I am here to help local businesses succeed, reclaim their time, efficiency and PROFITS! Times have changed, marketing has changed. To success and grow, you need to get clear on your marketing strategy, level-up your marketing campaigns and understand the role each step in your strategy plays to growing your business.

Why Am I Digital Marketing Coach & Consultant And How Did I Grow To A 6 Figure Business Year over Year in Less Than 3 Years?

Hi I'm Jenn Waugh, P.E.I. native and I help maritime businesses build their own social marketing systems so they can effectively advertise online, so they can not only predictably generate leads and fill their appointment schedule but to also help them close more sales in less time, with fewer resources.

I've worked in the media space for well over 10 years and had opportunity to be in the weeds of what I like to call the evolution of digital marketing for local business while working for one of Canada's largest media network, PostMedia.

I spent 8+ years in Edmonton, Alberta as an Advertising Account Executive, managing a client portfolio upwards of 1 million dollars year. I had the opportunity to manage print and digital campaigns for large corporations, car dealerships right down to your small brick and mortar mom and pop shops. I was blessed with a very unique opportunity at an early age to leverage the tools and resources in corporate media to truly learning how the digital shift was impacting consumer buying behaviours and finding the RIGHT strategies to help local businesses stay afloat and see sales from their online efforts.

It's this experience and desire to be ahead of the curve that I moved home to pursue my own career as a digital marketer, exclusively for local businesses in Atlantic Canada. Since starting my agency just 3 years ago, I have grown my agency to a profitable 6 figure business year over year and have helped many of my clients also experience overwhelming success.

With the vision of empowering local businesses owners to take control of managing their own sales and marketing systems it is my mission to teach, coach, educate, and guide business owners through building the EXACT systems and campaigns I've used to help my clients and my own business achieve financial success.

And I can teach you everything you need know and help you do it...

"The Path To Success Is To Take Massive, Determined Action"

- Tony Robbins-

Your next action starts here! I can help you create a CLEAR social marketing strategy for your business, identify your offers, build your systems, launch your ads the RIGHT way to help you close more sales, more often.

Selling products or services is about creating an entire social marketing system that moves your prospects through their decision making process, then converting them into paying customers on auto-pilot.

Gone are the days where local businesses are unable to have their own highly segmented offers, hyper-focused ad strategies, and a completely automated back-end communications sales and marketing system that converts leads into sales.

In today's market? If you're not increasing your revenues you failing. If you're not failing now, you will be soon...

With the crucial necessity for local businesses to show-up online the number of systems, tools, resources and programs is overwhelming to say the least. I know first hand the level of overwhelm local businesses are facing when it comes to building a system that in the end will free up thousands of dollars every month, hours of time, and an incredible number of resources...

I have made it my mission to help other local businesses reach their revenue goals with the RIGHT tools, right strategies, and clear workflows and automations to make it happen.The challenge? Not many are willing to do what they need to do, to see those sales revenues.

If you've made it this far, you are likely intrigued but still a bit skeptical, are on the fence, or are unsure of the financial risk. The truth is these sales and marketing strategies aren't for every business, and I will be the first to tell you that.

I am here to help local businesses succeed and the only risk you are taking is no risk at all, completely robbing yourself of the opportunity to finally gain power, clarity, and freedom in your business.

They Have Wasted Hours of Time Watching Training Videos, Downloaded Thousands of One-Size-Fits-All 'Strategy Templates', And Are Trying To Piecing Together Different Ideas To Build An Effective Marketing Strategy That Works


Most local business owners are struggling, they're feeling frustrated, and are likely headed towards the dangerous path of ultimate burnout (if they aren't there already). They are caught in a cycle, wondering and wishing they could crack the code to increasing profits from their business.

They don't have a complete AND predictable revenue generating machine that will help them do more and make more with fewer resources.

They know they need to make some changes, but don't feel confident in their ability to implement everything on their own. They are seeking for an expert to hold their hand every step of the way.

They fall into analysis paralysis of trying to figure out what steps to take, create the right content, learn the tech but end up with crippling overwhelm and stress from doing 'all of the things'.

They are likely under the belief that having a profitable automated social marketing system is uncommon and unattainable.

They are naive to the fact of how badly their constant fear and anxiety of making a digital shift is preventing them from their ability to;

  • Generate More Sales
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Increase Credibility
  • Create More Free Time
  • Save More Money
  • Increase Profits

Now Imagine This...

A complete social marketing system local business owners (or marketers) can implement that produces MORE qualified leads, qualified appointments, and ultimately more sales...

  • Having a clear strategy that finally makes sense, can be managed in-house, and so clear even staff members can manage it for you...
  • A strategy that once set-up runs on it's own like a well-oiled machine and does the selling FOR YOU...
  • How to create offers that make $$$$ over and over again, with less and less work every time...
  • Being able to advertise online with confidence and see clear results from your campaigns...
  • Having power over your lead flow by the flick-of-a-switch...
  • Having more freedom while closing more sales, more often...

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